let my urning shine

and here it is again. with pain and venom and sadness. there’s nothing in the spaces here. nothing between the lines. it is what it is. nothing more. nothing less. take it at face value. trying for no hidden means. other than those few that are always there. never quiet as simple as you think it is. summed up and forgotten. with songs from a yesterday five years ago. precisely un-timely in the most perfect way. under clear cold skies, the night time walks down empty streets. with lights at home kept dim. because it’s still 3am eternal. now and forever. the dim time that brings it all. being 12 hours off the world. steamed milk and calming down at 8am. those days spent as nights. night for day being the perfect time. with song fragments no one will get. with quotes that always sound grime. memories that pierce. a sad smile and a happy tear. it’s moving forward with a rage. putting it all on the line again. and again if needed. screaming along to the songs that need to be screamed to.

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