tell all my friends…

it reads back different then it comes out. it always does. and i don’t write as much as i used to. twitter even borders on silence. and it’s dark and sleepy. of long days. doing what it takes. and it’s eyes growing heavy searching for the song to close them. from yesterday to back again. hundreds. of monsters and men. and it’s always and. repeating. songs of dusty times past. butted up against sparse dark drums. echoing in minimalism. and falling asleep in cars.

my tiny little plastic world

and I listen to it loud. but. it’s not. loud. enough. never loud enough. it needs to hit in the chest so you feel it. the breaks bring a shiver. and the dreams hit hard and fast. vivid. and short. with a kick that’s far to early. straight to wide awake. so it’s how the turn happens. how to stick with it. how to take it as it comes. even though the urge is far different.