So pick me up stranger, pick me up softly

it’s a little to. quiet. itsalittleto. slow. but there’s still a pause. for awhile. and it’s coming back. in bits and pieces. and getting lost along the way. with nothing to do. nothing to help. taking it as it is. unseen and uncalled for it. with time spent searching. on the unimportant things. but focused. time will tell. something. i’m not really sure what. it’s time for drives at night. to close by places that feel far away. for moonlight and cloudy rainy darkness. and the joy and hope found there.

sometimes nothing is a real cool hand

the city dissappears into the rain. almost a fog but not quiet. taking pictures and watching movies. killing time and (trying not to be) killing hope. making plans and course corrections. but not with out a price of course. but you’ve gotta stay positive. keep on a positive jam. and the songs just keep coming. life tied up in sound bites.