on the way to airwaves

so at the airport waiting for a plane. always end up being to early when it comes to these things. had to many variables to account for. possible border wait. time to find the parking place. security wait time. so all that made me be 2 hours early. better then the other way around.

so airwaves. have most of my nights planned out. we’ll see if those plans hold up or get changed. always have to be open to that. wednesday i’ll be going to venue and nasa. thursday is listasafn and risid. friday idno and factory. yes i’m missing the proper letters for a few of those. sunday i’ll be back at nasa but i’m still up in the air for saturday. going to start at the erased tapes records night but might go to a second place or stay the whole time. still not sure. day times i haven’t accounted for at all other then the blue lagoon party.

the only one i know for sure is the wednesday morning rock and bacon at prikith. i think that’ll be the only day i’ll be awake that early. might catch hundreds at the pool wednesday as well.