airwaves 2010

so time to go back to airwaves again. 2008 only made me want to go again. so i am. and with that comes nerdy planning. obviously the first place to turn for info is the official site.
next i made a spreadsheet of the schedule to work out who i wanted to see. i’m hosting it here if anyone else wants it.
the iceblah blog has another speadsheet if you want things presented a little differently then I did.
and the airwaves blog has it all in ical format as well that markus moises did up.
so lots of ways to get organized. still hoping someone writes an android app for it all as well.

i’m still wrapping my head around all the bands there are to see. have a few picked out already. trying to strike a good balance between seeing bands i saw last time again and finding new great bands. definitely want to see a few play real shows that i only got to see play day shows last time. and picked out a couple new ones. looking back over pictures as well. forgot just how many great things i saw last time.

can’t wait for skyr and hotdogs.