and every summer is a hot token

and there it is. a little swerve to the left. or maybe the right. but it’s a change. not a planned one. stacked on the others that have snuck up on you. all the unexpected. with the cold brining a tightness. and a mind wandering far from home. hidden in the subtle things. on the details no one spends that much time on. missing something that never was. thinking about something that changed. wondering about where it leads. and it’s to early. and not late enough. but there’s not enough time. and the pauses are missing while i talk in circles. songs float out into the waning sunlight. but this isn’t the time for me these days. my time is earlier than i want it to be. and i’m looking towards times i don’t want to be concerned about.

i know the ways and means

there’s a shimmer and a wave from the heat. and a shadow from the trees. and the day slips by. with not quiet sad songs, a sad book and warmth. there’s thinking in the background. with it being easier to type with out looking at the keyboard. or the screen. wondering if the corner’s been turned yet. if there is a corner to turn. naps in the warmth, waking to the song it started on. more on the road unthought.