i like blue

something not quiet anything. gone before it was. it’s moving on. always on. don’t think of spinning wheels. of gears in reverse. of mixing analogies. one day. one day sometime. and i don’t want a pick me up. not just yet. maybe in a short short while. but not tonight. tonight is searching for the perfect pop song for the moment. something not to old. not heard to many times. not too new. balanced in the perfect spot. maybe i’ll find it. maybe i won’t. but it’s the search that’s more important sometimes.

But ohh, look at you now

the world… is a surprising place. somethings you would never imagine happening do. the surprises never end. at least they don’t if you keep open to them. you never know where something is going to come from. i could have never imagined this life would end up where it has. and it’s far from over. i’m not even going to try and guess where it leads next.