I wear my garment so it shows

take it out of place. put it somewhere new. go in with a different feeling. turns it into something new. with the warm sun replacing the cold snap. surrounded by the voices. where the context is lost in the moment. and i’ll take it how ever i find it. try and leave the questions at the door. because in the end it is what it is. open to interpretation. not everything has to fit into a box.

Smothering my muse by a telepathy line

there’s circles. that it runs in. circles and spirals out. and maybe it finds a home. and maybe it doesn’t. and maybe you find your self in it. maybe you don’t. maybe it’s between the lines you find it. in the spaces. we all read into what we want. hopefully you find what you need. maybe in a way it was never intended for. and then. maybe you don’t. but i do.

momma there’s wolves in the house

it disappears without you even knowing it. poof and it’s gone. like it was never there to begin with. like it weren’t never there. and the conscious wraps around the gaps. fills in the wholes. just a nagging feeling left behind that there was something. something you can’t quiet put your finger on. and it relates to how we treat it all differently. how it means different things. how want different things out of it. somethings we leave behind. some of us erase all traces. and some are switched the other way. neither being wrong. neither being right. both just being.

looking for the great escape

sometimes the trip is more important then the reason. and it always connects in my head but doesn’t come out right. i want to drive around till 4am with no place to be. and there’s all kinds of other wants right now that just don’t work. but i think the pause is over. not that you’ll catch me talking about it. i’m certainly one not to talk about things till it’s happened. till all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed. and it feels so much later than it is. the time shifting. and soon it will be gone. an hour lost. to replace the one gained.