i was riding shotgun in imaginary cars

it makes me want to hit the road with no plan. to leave everything behind for awhile. no destination. just a direction. for big things on the side of the road. and small diners. special donut shops. and beauty found in each spot. the road calling doesn’t get answered enough. this has come from a movie. that was a pleasant surprise. we seem to do good road movies. something i always have a soft spot for. and that’s pretty uncryptic for a change.

with my scientist heart

and i make it to go louder to drown it out. to fill the air. to fill my ears and my mind. so i don’t have to think about it. elevate the stress by yelling along. make it loud enough so i can’t hear my own voice. so you feel it in your chest with a thump. cause it makes it feel better. when you can turn the music to a physical.

And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile

there are times when i wonder how i got here. this moment right now. how did i end up here and not somewhere else. how did my life add up to this. and it causes a wave of emotions. good. bad. everything in between. i am amazed. baffled. fearful. greatful. happy. sad. i don’t have this one view. it’s all added up to me being me. and sometimes. that keeps me up.

hide in the twilight with all those monsters you know

we look at things differently. not sharing the same sight. or maybe that’s site. you don’t know. i barely do. and i’m tired. but that will change as soon as my head hits the pillow. and there’s evil in sweden. one moment rolls into the next. where i place the covers next to the originals. i think about music. and sound. and shape. the spaces in between. it’s not what’s said. it’s the spaces in between.