Everybody leaves and I’d expect as much from you.

and it reminds me of times past. even though its all new. it stirs. feelings. undefined feelings i know i’ve felt before. and it feels good. it feels right. even if it hurts a little. and i’m closer and further than ever. i’ve excepted my place sooner then people expect me to. and i think of things i’ve written before. each line separate from the last. and always it’s the things in the spaces between. the things that just can’t be expressed. the ….

If I could write, I’d tell you how much I miss these nights.

and it caught me. for just a moment. a little jump. always from the unexpected places. i need to walk the streets with nothing but the hold steady in my ears. for some reason that always puts a skip in my step. sometimes literally. and i’ve gone back. visiting the past. in pictures and websites. the little bits spread all over. i’m glad things can still get to me. even at the darkest i still can’t sleep on christmas eve. i still have moments that cause me pain. i still have songs that make me grin ear to ear. i am alive. my heart is still on my sleeve.

With someone new I could have started

started on the way home. in the fog. walking. in the dark and grey and glowing and wonderful. ears full of music. and then. and then it’s wrong. in just a moment. it’s a start that isn’t. and that pressure. just to long. it’s the music not loud enough. the empty. i know it’s just a moment. one that we all have. that most won’t ever talk about. tomorrow is all strong and moving forward. but tonight… tonight is lost in the fog.

boom boom boom

i’m thinking. sweaty and thinking. of smells. and all that goes with them. the places. the times. the moments. of reinvention. the how. the why. the when. of the road. and how soon i can be on it. if i can get to where i want to go. if it will be like i want it to when i get there.

my own heart whispering it’s dying words

some times something comes along. you weren’t looking for it. you didn’t expect it. but it summed it all up. perfectly. the feeling. the moment. sometimes from somewhere new. sometimes from somewhere so common it’s everyday. sometimes from somewhere you’d forgotten about. so there it was. perfect. so i’m keeping it near me for awhile. keeping it close. till the need passes. these moments are one of the small things i’m thankful for. unexpected perfection falling into your lap.