either way i’m going to stay

the grey is here. you can romanticize it. you can curse it. you can move away from it. you can embrace it. but it’s still just the grey. and it’s not leaving for a couple months. a good time to slip into the twilight. you don’t notice it as much if you’re only awake when the sun is down. in some causes it brightens up the night.

have you seen my ghost

inbetween the lines. it’s still all there. where would be. it’s just…( ) that blankness that can’t be expressed here. that undefinableness. the blank square. to be filled in later. repeatably in different ways. and it all jumbles together. one line distinct from the next. no conections. putting the meaning inbetween the lines. in the blank spaces. because it isn’t the place for clearity. as long as i know the spaces. and the blank spots. and the vague connections. it’s all ok.

the best i ever did with my life

i have reached the bad stage. of unpacking. i’ve powered through at a good rate to be in a live-able state. but still a mess. and mass disorganization. but it’s the point at which i start to loss steam. the computers hooked up. i can play some video games. i can find my clothes and nothing is piled on my bed. so this is the hard point to get the last chunk done.