in Iceland

so no updates there for awhile. seemed like there was a good stretch of no news. and then when there was i was to busy getting ready to leave, along with everything else going on in life, that i didn’t have time to say anything. but here we are. or at least here i am. in iceland. airwaves starts tomorrow and i’m still not sure which shows i’m going to go to. i spent yesterday walking all over the city. saw alot but there’s still lots to see. still recovering from the time change. which means sleeping at the wrong times and not sleeping at the right ones. i think if i push/caffinette through today i’ll be good. my hotel is right in the thick of it which is great. in between a venue and the info centre and across the street from an off-venue. the weather has felt just like home on a windy day. only down point of the trip so far is i lost my toque :( but that just means i’ll buy a new local one :)

the time stamps are going to be totally off on these. they’re still set for the time at home.