so a wii has been obtained. took a little bit to get it but it came together pretty quick. spent most of the week on consolewatch.com and redflagdeals.com watching online stores and seeing what i could find out about stores in town. last night i got a lead that walmart might have some in the morning. so i got up early and drove out to loughead mall for 8am. no dice. sold out yesterday but they took my name to phone me when next weeks shipment came in. since it was still early and i wasn’t going to show up that early for work i tried the zellers and eb at brentwood. zellers was sold out yesterday as well but eb hadn’t gotten a shipment yet. so off to work. then i started phoning around and found all the other eb’s had gotten shipments today and were sold out. so at lunch back to brentwood just to see and there was a big pile. right place right time.

so what i learned is zeller’s and walmart are getting wii shipments on thursdays. also heard that futureshop had them on thursday as well. eb seems to be friday shipments. all come by puralator.